Zurich Enterprise Challenge 2018


Enter the Competition

A guideline about how to submit for Phase 1

Your team must be registered for the challenge before submitting your presentation. To register your team follow the instructions under Registration.

Each team submission includes three compulsory components: the video presentation, the script and the references.

  1. Log in to your Project Firefly account.
  2. Go to the “Submit your work” page.
  3. Fill in the compulsory fields.
  4. Copy and paste the script into the “Submit your work” box.
  5. Copy and paste all references in the “References” box.
  6. Copy and paste the video URL in the “Video submissions” box.
  7. Click on Save. This will submit your presentation; you will receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes.


Each submission should include the full text of the spoken parts of the team presentation. Enter the script in the “Submit your work” box.


All diagrams and figures included should be original or otherwise properly cited: provide the citations, references and bibliography in the “References” box.


  1. Log in to your YouTube* account.
  2. Upload your video to the channel.
  3. Create a title e.g. your team name. 
  4. Choose the privacy setting option “Unlisted”.
  5. Paste the video URL into the “Video submissions” box. Please make sure you submit the correct link.

* You can also use other video platforms such as Vimeo, Youku or Tencent Video for your submission.

How to edit the video privacy setting after upload

Please set the privacy setting of your video to "Unlisted". Doing so will only allow the people who have the link to see the video.

Click on "Video manager" in the top of your YouTube page. Select the little padlock icon next to your video. You can then adjust the privacy settings.

Please be aware that there is no possibility to upload a video file directly to Project Firefly.

Should you encounter any issues, please contact us at zurich@project-firefly.com