Project Firefly stands for equality of opportunity, innovation and openness for bright and inspired minds


We passionately believe in creating genuine opportunities for our members based entirely on the merit of their work.

Project Firefly creates different challenges and community activities throughout the year offering students, recent graduates and young professionals opportunities to connect with forward thinking leaders and organizations around the world.

We empower ambitious young talent to develop their skills, differentiate themselves, earn interviews, projects, internships and jobs.

Founded in 2012 today we connect with hundreds of thousands of tomorrow’s leaders across 187 countries and more than 3000 institutions.

Academic Review Board

We are proud to have associated with us a distinguished group of world-renowned university professors, organized into Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board (ARB).

The board members are publicly committed to the goals of Project Firefly and to the highest professional standards. For example, each submission will be reviewed on a "double blind" basis; the contributor won't know the identity of their academic reviewer and vice versa.

Merit alone determines recognition and publication decisions on Project Firefly.

Members of the Academic Expert Review Board:

Give guidance to members, evaluate their submissions and recognize top performers.

Provide valuable advice on possible competition themes and on attaining the goals of each initiative.

Encourage the participation of university students and recent graduates.

Our Academic Experts

Prof. Vinod (Vinnie) Aggarwal

UC Berkeley Haas School and Political Science

Prof. Dukgeun Ahn

GSIS/Law School at Seoul National University

Prof. Richard Baldwin

Graduate Institute, Geneva

Prof. Thomas Bieger

Rektor (President), University of St.Gallen

Prof. James W. Davis

University of St.Gallen

Prof. Barry Eichengreen

UC Berkeley Economics and Political Science

Prof. Simon Evenett

University of St. Gallen

Prof. Jeffry Frieden

Harvard University

Prof. Pascal Gantenbein

University of Basel

Prof. Geoffrey Garrett

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Douglas Irwin

Dartmouth College

Prof. Li Jin

Oxford University

Prof. Anne Krueger

Johns Hopkins University

Prof. Eric S. Maskin

Harvard University

Prof. Amitabh Mattoo

Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi

Prof. Deepak Nayyar

Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi

Prof. Urs Peyer


Prof. Richard Portes

London Business School

Prof. Raghavendra Rau

Cambridge University

Prof. Corey Robin

Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center

Prof. Yu Yongding

President, China Society of World Economics