Academic Review Board

Project Firefly is proud to have associated with it a distinguished group of university professors, organized into an Academic Experts Review Board. The board members are publicly committed to the goals of Project Firefly to promote engagement of university students in thought leadership; to create opportunities for the next generation of thought leaders irrespective of their financial and other circumstances and to foster dialogue on matters of significant concern across stakeholders.

In addition, member of the Academic Expert Review Board:

  1. Provide valuable advice on possible themes for essay competitions and on attaining the goals of this initiative.
  2. Evaluate analyses submitted to Project Firefly.
  3. Encourage the participation of university students and recent graduates.

Academic experts are committed to the highest professional standards. For example, each submission to Project Firefly will be reviewed "double blind". This means the contributor won't know the identity of their academic reviewer and the vice versa. Merit --not student background-- alone determine publication decisions on Project Firefly

Our Academic Experts