Gaining recognition in the Project Firefly community.

There are many ways of being recognized as a valued participant in the Project Firefly community and to become a future thought leader.

With the Project it could be through the submission of a number of compelling essays or videos. A single outstanding piece of work can also merit recognition and be awarded with a badge.

Recognizing top submissions is integral to the merit based principle of Project Firefly. The Academic Review Board has developed three levels of status, all of which have successfully met the requirements for publication, as well as other awards.

To win a Project Firefly competition is a prestigious achievement as each challenge attracts talented participants from around the world, at every degree level as well as recent graduates from thousands of schools and universities. Competition winners will earn at least the Contributor badge on the Project Firefly site with all associated benefits. Each competition has a specially designed prize that often includes career opportunities.

Honorary Mention badge recognizes competitors who have outperformed the vast majority of participants and have reached the final select few that the ARB is considering to win the challenge. They receive certificates and are often considered for career opportunities by our partners. Their work will be published and they will receive at least the Contributor status with all the associated benefits.

Project Firefly recognizes active and committed members who support our principles and continuously engage with the Community. Earning this badge gives additional benefits, such as the opportunity to get certificates or transcripts of the achievements within the Project, as well as receiving advice and feedback for non-published work in order to learn and improve performance

How to earn it?
Valuing your work and the work of others
• Constructively comment, rate, share and like other members published work.
• Receiving high rating, likes and comments on your published work
Supporting other members of the Project Firefly community
• Constructive sharing of insights comments and creation of threads on our community forum

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