Three exciting months with Project Firefly and the Financial Times

Financial Times ( needs no introduction of its own. The Pearson PLC owned company, has come a long way since its inception in 1888 and has grown leaps and bounds to become the world’s most sought-after newspaper known particularly for its thought leadership articles and opinion pieces on matters spanning economic issues, political issues or financial issues.

Project Firefly, a thought leadership initiative, recently partnered with Financial Times in a pilot project and offered a complimentary digital subscription worth a few hundred dollars to its members. As a member of the HOLT Community (an investment banking community by Project Firefly in association with their founding sponsor Credit Suisse), I also got the access to In the past, I had limited chances of reading FT articles due to its very high subscription fees. Project Firefly’s pilot project helped me get access to premium content offered by FT and hone my thought leadership and analytical skills by engaging with their prime content.

Further, it was an exciting journey as within a few days of subscription, browsing and the Project Firefly FT Community became like a daily routing and habit. I took part in several discussions where people from varied background, countries came and shared their opinion on wide range of topics.

Furthermore, my crave for knowledge increased and I started jotting down my opinion on topics like eCommerce in India, crude oil prices, women at work, subsidy and support for solar energy and many more. However, FT played a major role in shaping my thoughts at this juncture as I browsed through FT articles and opinion sections to get an understanding of the situation. Also, I got good ideas on styles of writing thought leadership articles with the help of this pilot project. I was elated when project firefly awarded me with an FT community badge for my contributions to the FT community in Project Firefly.

Two months were over and festive season of December began. Alas, good days were about to be over as December was the last month of free subscription for FT. But before the end of the year Project Firefly selected my opinion piece on eCommerce and economies of scale to be shared in social media and published on my profile. I am hopeful that the team at Project Firefly will again come up with such a project. At last to sum up I can just say that the three month journey with Project firefly and was exciting. Lots of learning, peer review, discussions and at last some rewards to make a perfect ending.