Our objective is to provide you with the best possible platform to share your thoughts and demonstrate your skills and competencies.

Project Firefly’s monthly competition, where submissions are recognised on a rolling basis, gives you the opportunity to contribute to thought leadership issues. By publishing your original submissions and building your reputation through different media, we help you grow your network and develop your individual brand. The Academic Review Board will review your submissions throughout the month so that we can publish your work as early as possible. You can share your insights on a broad range of topics:

  • Business
  • Political
  • Diplomatic
  • Economic, and
  • Geo-Strategic Events.

While exploring these guidelines, you can be as diverse and as creative as you like. There are interesting events taking place every day. Be subjective and share your interpretation of these developments with our community.

The best submission will win 1000 Swiss Francs. For further guidance and submission please see the Monthly Competition - Current Affairs Topic.

We continue to encourage you to engage in discussions on Project Firefly’s Facebook page and website. There is no time like the present, as we have just announced the grand winners of the past Contemporary Affairs Essay Competition.

Read widely and write a lot. Submit. Whether your style is recognizably witty, enthusiastic or raw, share it with our community and give them a chance to develop a stronger connection with you. Build your own brand through Project Firefly.


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