Project Firefly is unique in building sustainable interactions between employers, world class talent and universities throughout the world. Our expertise blends world renowned academic thinking with innovative recruitment and marketing strategies to create custom solutions and identify world class top talent. We broaden the dialogue between current and future corporate and thought leaders.

The result is an organisation that combines a sustainable pipeline of top young talent, with tailor made recruitment initiatives to fill real-time vacancies.

We are passionate about helping our Partners to:

Cover the best talent in the broadest talent pools

We work with all university students and recent graduates (within the last 5 years) across all universities, schools, instituions globally. Our prestigious Academic Review Board (ARB) appreciate that top talent can be identifed across all higher education institutions. 

Benefit from our custom solutions

We are fully committed to building bespoke merit-based recruitment solutions, that are capable of targeting specific audiences and/or specific locations (national, regional or global initiatives). We integrate our academic expertise into your long term recruitment strategy.

Identify top talent

Project Firefly has carefully built thousands of contacts across many channels to ensure the right messages reach our Partner's target audience. With the number of different types of merit based filters we apply, top talent are able to showcase their skills.

Tap into our relationships with outstanding young talent

We have built very committed relationships with many of our members through our Thought Leadership and Career Development activities. Project Firefly builds communities and sub-communities enabling Partners to tap into those networks. Additionally we can build specific communities for our Partners.


Project Firefly virtually manages sophisticated initiatives for their full lifecycle and creates additional piplines of talent. Our solutions build upon traditional recruitment methods to achieve your long term objectives.

Build Brand as an investor in top talent

Further align your company with the recognized values of merit, openness and innovation; Project Firefly’s principles.


We are excited to showcase how Project Firefly could add value to your company, please contact us at: