Gaining recognition in the Project Firefly community.

There are many ways of being recognized as a valued participant in the Project Firefly community and to become a future thought leader.

With the Project it could be through the submission of a number of compelling essays or videos. A single outstanding piece of work can also merit recognition and be awarded with a badge.

Recognizing top submissions is integral to the merit based principle of Project Firefly. The Academic Review Board has developed three levels of status, all of which have successfully met the requirements for publication, as well as other awards.

This is the highest level of recognition that you can earn with Project Firefly and the Academic Review Board (ARB) believe this is the standard for future Thought Leaders to achieve.

Project Firefly Elite Analysts can get the most out of their personalized brand and benefit from premier level of support including personal career advice, personalized job and degree application references, network development, as well as a chance to have your work published by our partners and to produce exclusive work for them.

How to earn it?
The Academic Review Board will decide who achieves this status based on the quality and number of publications on the site, typically above 5, or less for exceptional pieces of work (e.g. competition winning submissions).

Other factor the ARB will consider
You can earn levels faster by being a highly active and committed member of the Project Firefly community. Share insights, comments and create threads on our community forum. Value your work and the work of others by constructively commenting, rating, sharing and liking other members published work, as well as your own.

Elite Analysts
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