General Questions

When did Project Firefly start?
We launched our first competition in January 2011.

Where is Project Firefly headquartered?
Project Firefly is based in St. Gallen, in the German-speaking part of Eastern Switzerland.

Are you affiliated with the University of St. Gallen (HSG)?
We are not affiliated directly, but some of our ARB members are part of the HSG community and most of our team members are former or current students at the university.

Who is Project Firefly’s founding sponsor?
Credit Suisse, one of the largest financial services company of the world, were the first to realise the potential of Project Firefly and have since supported our mission.


What is the Current Affairs Competition?
This is our monthly competition, that allows all participants to submit their outstanding essay or video on any topic of high relevance. Topics usually featured are global economic developments, world politics, foreign affairs, security issues or science topics. Each month, we award the winner with 1000 Swiss Francs!

I have won the Current Affairs competition. How do I receive my money?
You will be informed about your win shortly before we publicly announce the winning essay. We will then get in touch with you about your prize, of 1000 Swiss Francs (approximately USD 1100) which will be wired to you.

HOLT Valuation Challenge

What is the HOLT Valuation Challenge?
The HOLT Valuation Challenge is an annual three-stage competition sponsored by Credit Suisse HOLT.
Stage 1: The HOLT Challenge stage 1 is a three week-game that will help you learn or improve your understanding of accounting, finance and valuation.
Stage 2: If you score at least 90% at stage 1 you will advance to stage 2, the next stage of the challenge; you will be asked to submit a video presentation using HOLT Lens™ to showcase your finance knowledge by preparing a stock pitch that will be evaluated by Credit Suisse professionals and possibly members of Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board.
Stage 3: The best participants will advance to stage 3; You will be invited to an interview with Credit Suisse HOLT for a summer internship or CO-OP position.

What is HOLT?
Holts proprietary CFROI methodology addresses cash-flow analysis, but more importantly, it illustrates clearly the consequences that corporate actions have on corporate profitability.

Who can take the HOLT Valuation Challenge?
You should currently be enrolled as a Degree student at any university
Any student interested in accounting and finance is encouraged to participate.

Why should I take the HOLT Valuation Challenge?
You could get the chance to compete with students from around the world.
You could get the chance to receive a certificate as a top performer from Project Firefly's Academic Review Board and Credit Suisse HOLT.
You could be eligible to receive access to HOLT Lens™ for your academic career. HOLT Lens is a premiere investment tool used by over 5,000 leading Investment Professionals around the world.
You could have your pitch presentation evaluated by Credit Suisse Professionals and possibly by globally renowned members of the Project Firefly Academic Review Board.
You could be invited to interview with Credit Suisse HOLT for a summer internship.

How do I register for the HOLT Valuation Challenge?
You can register here: . There are limited spaces so be sure to register now.

How long will the HOLT Valuation Challenge take?
Stage 1: The challenge will only take about an hour a week and last three weeks.
Stage 2: Your presentation will last a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds. You will be given two and a half weeks to prepare and submit your presentation.
Stage 3: Expect an interview to last approximately an hour.

Emerging Leaders Competition

What is the Emerging Leaders competition?
The Emerging Leaders competition is a global challenge with the goal of identifying three future leaders and, through their winning essays, guarantee them participation in the most important investment conference in the Asia-Pacific region (Asian Investment Conference).

When and were will the Asian Investment Conference take place?
The AIC 2014 ( will take place from March 24-28, 2014 in Hong Kong.

Who can participate in the Emerging Leaders competition?
You should currently be enrolled as a degree student. You can be studying in any higher education institution in the world in any degree course.
Any student interested in accounting, finance and international affairs is encouraged to participate.

Why should I take the Emerging Leaders competition?
You could get the chance to visit Hong Kong (flight and accomodation are provided) and attend the annual Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference.
You could get the chance to win a generous cash prize.
You will receive a finalist certification. The three winners will receive a winners certification from Project Firefly's Academic Review Board.

How can I compete?
You can either submit an essay or a video.

What are the competition questions?
To be updated by mid-December.

How long should the essay/video be?
The essay should be around 800 and 1,500 words.
The video should be no longer than 5 minutes. Please submit your video using a video-sharing site such as Youtube or Vimeo. Please refrain from submitting your video via e-mail.

What does the review process look like?
Our Academic Review Board (insert hyperlink) will grade all submissions in the period between February 17 till March 10, 2014. Each submission will be reviewed by at least one ARB member. All short-listed candidates will then be interviewed by us using VoIP technology such as Skype, or telephone interviews.

Will my contribution be published?
As with all submissions by Project Firefly, all of those submissions that have been found to be of exceptional high quality by the Academic Review Board will be published on our website.

What kind of people will I meet at the AIC?
Among others, the previous iterations of the AIC featured Jack Ma (CEO of Alibaba), Paul Krugman (Nobel laureate), Shinzo Abe (PM of Japan), best-selling author Malcom Gladwell or H.E. Ali I. Al-Naimi (Minister of Petroleum, Saudi Arabia).

Blog submissions

What’s the difference between a blog on Project Firefly and other publications?
A blog can be used to express yourself, to share your thoughts or passions. Like with forum posts or comments, a blog is published on the website by recommendation of the Editorial Team.
Similar to other media outlets, blogs at Project Firefly are smaller contributions (from 500 to 1000 words) that don’t necessarily need to have the academic depth that is usually required for essays to be published on the website. However, as with all publications on Project Firefly, an author needs to demonstrate his or her thought leadership skills and provide insights that are of value to the community.
A PF blogger is welcome to offer his or her opinion on a highly current event to the community and may refrain from using external sources.
The Editorial Team evaluate the quality of a blog based on :
• relevance,
• quality of the writing style
• and research and quality of opinions expressed

How do I submit a blog?
In the “Blog” section at “Thought Leadership”, click “Submit a Blog Post” in the top right corner. Paste your text into the box.

Can I get rewarded for writing a blog?
While blogs cannot be entered into a competition and can’t compete for prizes, being an active blogger can highly increase your chances of being promoted in the PF community. Writing blogs not only presents a fast way of building your personal brand but also allows you to gain insights by interacting with the international community at Project Firefly.