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How HOLT Improves Investing

Key Advantages of HOLT

HOLT helps investors gain insight into companies at every stage of their life cycle. The HOLT methodology, which is constantly evolving, goes beyond traditional accounting information to emphasize cash generating ability and overall potential for value creation. We offer not only a thorough analysis of a company's performance in the past; we also provide an objective view of the company's valuation in the future.
About Holt

What Makes HOLT Different


'Where is this firm in its lifecycle and where is it heading?" is a critical question posed by HOLT. As HOLT Platform users learn to pinpoint a company's prospects for value creation, they sharpen their awareness of the factors that affect performance at all phases of the cycle. HOLT is different because we:

- Recognize accounting can be misleading.
- Know it's critical to understand the market's expectations.
- Take a global view in comparing companies, sectors and markets.


Going Beyond Accounting Ratios

Corporate financial statements can be misleading. Companies typically employ highly subjective accounting methods such as depreciation and off-balance sheet items which distort the true profitability of the firm and make traditional accounting ratios suspect.

HOLT Ratios

The proprietary HOLT methodology corrects subjectivity by converting income statement and balance sheet information into a CFROI® return, a measure that more closely approximates a company's underlying economics. The resulting returns are objectively-based and can be viewed to assess the firm's historical ability to create or destroy wealth over time.


How CFROI is Calculated

Typically when companies undertake a specific project such as an acquisition or an expansion into a new business line, they prepare an economic profile that factors in the forecast amounts and timing of all cash outflows and inflows over the estimated project life. An internal rate of return can then be calculated, which is simply compared to the firm's hurdle rate to decide whether or not to proceed with the project.

HOLT expands on this premise, applying it not merely to a specific project, but to an entire company. Like the IRR calculation of a project, the CFROI metric is a proxy for the company's economic return.

This provides a consistent, holistic approach that can be used to compare performance across a portfolio, a market or a global universe of companies.


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