HOLT Valuation Challenge - FAQs

What is the HOLT Valuation Challenge?

The HOLT Valuation Challenge is a 3-step competition designed to develop your finance skills and introduce you to the HOLT valuation methodology. The Online Game can be accessed and completed at any point in time. There are specific time slots for the Investment Pitch and Interviews, please consider these deadlines to be eligible for an interview.

  • 1 Online Game - Register and start the online game that will help you learn or improve your understanding of accounting, finance and valuation through objective questions on companies, employing different HOLT valuation methodologies. The HOLT Valuation Challenge website will keep you up to date with your performance. The HOLT team will email you to confirm:

    • Whether you performed well enough to receive a HOLT Lens™ student licence during the Investment Pitch.

    • Whether you have been invited to participate in the Investment Pitch.

  • 2 Investment Pitch - You could qualify to participate in the second round of the Challenge where you will be asked to submit a company valuation video for review. The video should not be longer than 2½ minutes. The Investment Pitch will be open for approximately 3 months.
    The Investment Pitch video criteria page provides you with insights and points to consider ahead of your video submission.
    All videos will be reviewed by Credit Suisse HOLT professionals. A final pool of potential winners will be selected. Further reviews of the final pool will then take place that will include review by Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board. The HOLT team will confirm if you have been selected to progress to the Interviews phase.

  • 3 Interviews - The best participants will be invited to interview with members of the HOLT team. The interview will last approximately an hour and any suggested preparations will be emailed to you by the HOLT team. Should HOLT be interested in taking the discussion further they will arrange this with you directly.

Why should I take the HOLT Valuation Challenge?

  • You will get the chance to compete with students from around the world.

  • You could be eligible to receive access to HOLT Lens™ for your academic career HOLT Lens™ is a premiere investment tool used by over 5,000 leading investment professionals around the world.

  • You could have your pitch presentation evaluated by Credit Suisse HOLT Professionals and by globally renowned members of the Project Firefly Academic Review Board.

  • Top participants of the Invetment Pitch can receive certification from both Project Firefly's Academic Review Board and Credit Suisse HOLT.

  • You could be invited to interview with Credit Suisse HOLT and affiliates for opportunities.

  • You could unlock further benefits from networking events and more. For more information please visit the Prizes page.

  • You can become part of the HOLT Community and earn access to the benefits of being a 'HOLT Champion' or a 'HOLT Partner'.

Who should take the HOLT Valuation Challenge?

  • You should be currently enrolled as a degree student (Bachelor, Master, MBA or PhD). You can be studying in any institution in the world.

  • Any student interested in accounting and finance is encouraged to participate.

How do I register for the HOLT Valuation Challenge?

  • You can register on the HOLT Valuation Challenge platform and start the game. 

  • To receive updates and notifications about the Challenge and its prizes, create your Project Firefly profile.

How long will the HOLT Valuation Challenge take?

  • 1 Online Game - You can start and complete this stage on your own timetable.

  • 2 Investment Pitch - Your valuation presentation will last a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds.

  • 3 Interviews - Expect an interview to last approximately an hour.