HOLT Valuation Challenge - HOLT Lens™

Information concerning student access to HOLT Lens™

Due to a change in Credit Suisse HOLT’s policy, complimentary student access to HOLT Lens™ will be phased out starting March 1, 2019. However, there are opportunities to retain or regain HOLT Lens™ access:

The value and possibility of accessing the HOLT Lens application is exceptional.

  • 1. HOLT Valuation Challenge student participants that submitted a valid investment pitch video will retain HOLT Lens™ access until they graduate
  • 2. All student participants eligible to take part in the next HOLT Valuation Challenge Investment Pitch who score more than 165 points will automatically receive HOLT Lens™ access when the next investment pitch topics are launched, approximately three months prior to the investment pitch submission deadlines. (Please note this includes all eligible past participant students who have scored 165 points or more)
  • 3. All student participants eligible to take part in HOLT Community Competitions may request HOLT Lens™ access for a limited period during the Competition. Please note eligibility is based upon your HOLT Valuation Challenge score and permission from Credit Suisse

Don’t miss your opportunity to earn HOLT Lens and progress through the HOLT Challenges.

HOLT Lens Investment Pitch Window for the Spring 2019 Iteration



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