Gaining recognition in the HOLT community

The HOLT Community is a unique way to bring a career in finance one step closer. The Community offers numerous opportunities for students and recent graduates to distinguish themselves through compelling online, video or essay submissions. The Academic Review Board has developed three levels of status to recognize our Community members’ achievements.

HOLT Partner


  • Multiple opportunities to enter the talent pool and be interviewed by Credit Suisse HOLT and affiliates
  • HOLT Partner certificates
  • Access to HOLT Lens and HOLT research for current students
  • Contributor status on PF for members with published HOLT submissions (with all the respective benefits)
  • Potential Spot in the recruitment pool of Credit Suisse and HOLT
  • Possibility to ask HOLT Experts top technical questions

How to earn it?

The badge can be earned by passing the HOLT Valuation Challenge Stage 1 and submitting a video recognized by the ARB and Credit Suisse; or by having a HOLT submission published on the site, typically between 1-3 times, depending on the quality of the submission and participation in the HOLT Valuation Challenge or other HOLT competitions. This decision is taken solely at the Academic Review Board's discretion.

Other factors the ARB will consider 

You can earn levels faster by being a highly active and committed member of the Project Firefly Community. Share insights, comments and create threads on our Community forum. Value your work and the work of others by constructively commenting, rating, sharing and liking other members published work, as well as your own.