HOLT Valuation Challenge - Rules

The purpose of the HOLT Valuation Challenge is threefold:

  • To identify top talent from around the world.

  • To introduce students to the HOLT Valuation methodology.

  • To provide HOLT Lens™ student licenses to top global talent.

  1. The HOLT Valuation Challenge (HOLT Challenge) consists of a 3-step process:

    • 1 Online Game: Participants will be required to complete the online challenge with objective questions that focus on company valuations using HOLT methodology. Participants who score 210 points or above will be invited to the Investment Pitch. It will be the sole discretion of the HOLT Team to decide who will progress to the Investment Pitch. Participants who score 165 points and above will receive a student license to HOLT Lens™ for the duration of the Investment Pitch.

    • 2 Investment Pitch: Participants are required to complete a video submission. The question(s) set will be published on the HOLT Valuation Challenge site. Student participants judged to have submitted an eligible Investment Pitch video will receive HOLT Lens™ for the duration of their studies. Student participants judged to be within the pool of 'top submitters' to the Investment Pitch will receive certification from HOLT and Project Firefly's Academic Review Board. Please remember:

      • A video submission must not be longer than 2:30.

      • Participants can only make one video submission per Investment Pitch period.

      • Participants will be invited to make a video submission by The HOLT Team.

      • Video submissions will be graded at the sole discretion of The HOLT Team supported by Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board. These decisions will be final and binding. 

      • Participants judged to be top submitters will only be offered one opportunity to interview (see 3 below) through the HOLT Valuation Challenge.

    • 3 Interviews: HOLT will conduct interviews for possible opportunities with Credit Suisse, Credit Suisse HOLT and their affiliates. Any positions will be offered at the sole discretion of Credit Suisse, the HOLT team and their affiliates. These decisions will be final and binding.

  2. Decisions Process:

    • 1 Online Game: an individual can view their score on the HOLT Challenge platform. The HOLT Team will invite participants who score 210 points and above to the Investment Pitch. It will be the sole discretion of the HOLT Team to decide who will progress to the Investment Pitch.

    • 2 Investment Pitch: all videos will be reviewed by members of the HOLT team. Top submissions will then be passed to Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board; selection will be based on the “HOLT Criteria” page. The HOLT Team will communicate outcomes of the Investment Pitch to participants.

    • 3 Interviews: HOLT will arrange each participant interview separately and will inform participants of interview results individually.

  3. Project Firefly is organizing this competition on behalf of Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates.

  4. The Terms and Conditions as published on this Project Firefly Internet page (the “Terms & Conditions”) shall in their current form apply to this Competition and the terms and conditions of Credit Suisse (Terms and Conditions of Credit Suisse). By registering for the HOLT Challenge, the Competition entrant accepts both set of Terms & Conditions and undertakes to adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated therein.

  5. All competition entrants are required to follow the registration and the challenge participation process on the HOLT Valuation Challenge website.

  6. Student participants should only ever create one account and use that account to progress through the Challenge.

  7. To participate in the HOLT Valuation Challenge, the student participant should be a currently enrolled Degree student (full or part-time, studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctoral Degree). Student Participants must select the user type “Student” to be able to participate in the HOLT Challenge.

  8. The HOLT Team and Project Firefly can ask for the student participant's proof of study during any stage of the challenge. HOLT and Project Firefly reserve the right to exclude any participant should the participant not be a student.

  9. During all stages of the competition, each student participant’s progress will be visible on the Dashboard of the HOLT Challenge platform.

  10. All stages of the competition will take place in English only.

  11. The video submission process for the Investment Pitch will be communicated separately on the HOLT Valuation Challenge site. Successful participants will be invited to the Investment Pitch by the HOLT Team.

  12. It is at the sole discretion of Credit Suisse HOLT to evaluate and decide which participants will progress to each stage and all decisions reached by the HOLT Team will be final. Each student participant that submits an eligible video for the Investment Pitch round will be informed of their results by E-mail.

  13. To be considered for a prize the participant has to successfully fulfill the requirements highlighted in the Prizes page.

  14. To win an invitation to a Networking Event, competition participants must be able to visit the specific city and attend the Networking Event, detailed on Project Firefly’s HOLT Valuation Challenge competition page.

  15. Unless stated otherwise, travel and/or accommodation costs for student participants to attend a competition prize are not covered by Credit Suisse AG / and or its affiliates or Project Firefly.

  16. There is no right of recourse by any competition entrant against Credit Suisse AG and/or its affiliates Credit Suisse HOLT, Project Firefly and/or its Academic Review Board, in respect of any decision jointly or individually made by them in relation to any of the rules detailed on this page.

  17. Project Firefly will have co-publishing rights of all submitted content with Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates at any stage of the HOLT Valuation Challenge.  Ownership of the content, ideas, innovations, etc. shall remain the property of the inventing party. The Competition entrant grants Project Firefly as well as Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide and royalty-free right to publish content including the right to publish the same (including video submissions), in whole or in part, on the Project Firefly Website, on internal company websites or newsletters without any consideration, payment or compensation. The intellectual property and other rights of users granted a limited student license to access HOLT LensTM will be further governed by the Credit Suisse HOLT User Agreement.

  18. The personal data you submit when participating in this challenge will be processed and stored by Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates and Project Firefly. Such personal data will be used solely for the purpose of talent acquisition, career development activities, potential recruiting activities and marketing activities of Credit Suisse HOLT. For these reasons you may also be contacted by a Credit Suisse company or Project Firefly. For more information on your data please see Project Firefly`s Privacy Policy and Credit Suisse Group AG`s Security of data transfers from Privacy Policy data protection section of the Terms and Conditions of this competition. Non-personal data collected in connection with your use of HOLT Lens™ will be governed by the Credit Suisse HOLT User Agreement and may be used for other purposes consistent with that agreement.

If you have any further questions, please contact contactus@holtvaluationchallenge.com.