Contemporary Affairs Essay Competition - Update

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Congratulations to all those who submitted an essay in the Contemporary Affairs Essay Competition. The competition is now closed and the essays are now being distributed to the Academic Review Board. We received 141 submissions in less than one month!

Receipt by Topic:

  • Credit Suisse social media sponsored topic - 80
  • Political impacts of the economic crisis topic - 21
  • Current affairs topic – 40

We will publish essays as quickly as possible. The speed of publication is especially important with the introduction of our current affairs topic. We received essays on issues taking place all around the world that are both thought provoking and revealing. This is something we can see Project Firefly developing as we grow with our community.
We will keep you updated on the competition’s progress. In the meantime why not build your network? Review the essays published from our last competition and start a dialogue with other contributors.
Well done once again and good luck!
Daniel Garraty