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This is the first blog entry of a series of entries that I plan to do about my entrepreneurial endeavor that has started when I arrived in Beijing, China a couple of days ago. The idea to start this series was brought up by the Project Firefly team after I explained them what my plans were, at an event a few weeks ago. After some thoughts, I came to a conclusion that it would indeed be interesting to write about this experience in the following weeks and months, as I try to found my own company over here. Maybe some of you are in the same situation or plan to be entrepreneurs in the future, so my entries could be interesting for you. Even if you are not planning to do so, I'll try to make my posts as interesting as possible :). On the other hand, I also hope to get feedback and opinions from the Project Firefly audience, as I am planning to put important decisions up for discussion here. And it is always cool to get to know new people. So let’s just see what happens…


I recently graduated with a master’s degree in international management and business innovation. Just like every student at the end of the more or less “protected” study time, I faced a tough decision on which step to take next. I know, in today’s working environment, deciding on a job is not like “defining your fate for eternity”, as there are always possibilities to change. But it still feels like choosing a path at a crossroad doesn’t it? For me the main question was: Do I want to be a corporate citizen or an entrepreneur and try my own thing? So I decided to take the time to write down a list of the things I really liked doing in the past (e.g. during my internships and studies) and the characteristics that define my personality. I strongly believe that you can be really good only in things that you genuinely love doing. This is actually a commonplace and seems to be logical, but I saw a lot of fellow student colleagues taking a job they didn’t really like (or wasn’t in line with their strengths) but were expected to take. The most important points on my list of things that I liked were: Constant change and uncertainty, diving into new topics, getting to know new people, an international business environment, working in an innovative sector and working hard, but for a purpose. Analyzing the list led me to the conclusion that what I really would like to do at the moment is being an entrepreneur, as I am certain that this route fits my current interests the most. I didn’t regret my decision so far.

In the next blog post (which I promise will be shorter :), I will describe my business plans and the reasoning behind my decision to start the company in China and not back in good old Europe. Also, some very important decisions need to be made in the following weeks, for example: What is a good company name? How should the logo and corporate identity look like? And last but not least: How to get the first clients? So you can look forward to some interesting posts...

Are you also at the “crossroad” at the end of your studies or have you already made a decision? Which arguments are you taking into consideration for the next step? Why is founding a company attractive or not attractive for you? It would be very interesting to hear from you out there!