My take on the FT pilot project

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                Opinionated and thought provoking are the two words that would describe the style of journalism at Financial Times in the true light. I say opinionated because I found most FT articles sharing an opinion. This is a key aspect that upholds the credibility of a newspaper. Also, I found some of the questions posed by the authors quite thought provoking and it is a characteristic of good journalism which engages the audience and makes them think beyond the facts presented. That’s how a community of the like-minded is built and I think FT has done a fabulous job at that.

I referred mostly to the business and finance section and found most of the articles making the reader think as we go deep into the topic. A very key ingredient I look for in a newspaper is the depth of the research i.e. has the author merely represented the facts or has he/she gone above and beyond them to unearth the reasons and linked them to form a coherent story? I think FT authors do a fabulous job in this field as the inception of most trends draw links from the past. Thus when I’m interested in following the recent oil price plunge, referring to an FT article I’ll most likely be able to unearth references demonstrating what happened in the oil price plunge in the mid 1980s and how it eventually played a big role in the fall of the Soviet Union. It is the ability to draw links with such past events that makes us, the reader knowledgeable and derive a sense of joy by appreciating the power of journalism.

The FT pilot project has helped me keep myself in tune with the happenings of the world to a great extent. I usually tend to follow 2-3 recent trends. For the last few months I was following the US mid-term elections, the oil price movements and the Baltic tensions and I think FT has offered me some brilliant insights that has made me more aware of not only these happenings but also the reasons behind them. As mentioned earlier, each of the FT thought leaders have made me think in multiple directions thereby instilling in me the urge to conduct my own research to seek answers to the questions that I did not earlier have an answer to. The process has helped me achieve more depth about the subjects I’ve been following. And I think the comments section on Project Firefly made us really think in order to expand the focal points of the articles. Reading through others’ comments helped broaden an understanding of the topics too.

Sharing knowledge, opinions and exercising sound judgements through the art of writing form the DNA of Project Firefly and I think there couldn’t have been a better example than the pilot project where two knowledge communities – FT and Project Firefly could come together for the greater good of sharing knowledge.