Thoughts on the FT Community

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Thanks to Project Firefly, I could get unrestricted access to Financial Times for a period of three months. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed perusing this terrific publication, and in the end 90 days seemed only too short.

In my view, the collaboration with FT has so far been the most sagacious move by Project Firefly. Besides the invaluable readings, it helped bring out the best in the now big and ever expanding Firefly community. Comments left by diverse members of the community, especially Gregory Marks, helped me better understand the nuances of the financial world. It assumes all the more importance for the likes of me, who are already professional journalists, and are looking to make further progress in this most exciting and challenging field.

The incentives for the participants were perfectly planned, and I was touched by FT’s gesture when they included me in the list of those who were allotted the FT badge well before time, and invited me to two of their summits.

Personally, my best moment during these three months came when I was queried by the FT team over a comment I’d made regarding election campaign financing. Such involvement greatly augments the drive in the participants.

I was heartbroken after my subscription got revoked. It means no more free access to undoubtedly one of the highest quality writings and analyses anywhere in the world. I am very eagerly looking forward to a repetition of this collaboration, this time hopefully for a longer period.