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Two successful Project Firefly members, Pavneet and Andrei who interned at Microsoft and Google respectively share their insights and expertise on what it's like to intern with two of the hottest brands in tech. Ask them anything!



To both members,

What was one of the most memorable learning experience you experienced during your internship?

Hi Alejandro!

My answer might sound a bit idealistic, however it is something that was proved once again. You never realize how many opportunities surround you until you start digging. If you really want something and you go out of the box to achieve it, you would be surprised by how many things that you didn't even imagine before open up in front of you. So with persistence and the right approach one can truly achieve great things.

Let me know if you have something specific on your mind!

Hi Alejandro,

Thank you for your question. I agree with Andrei that you will get numerous opportunities. You have be on the lookout for them.

During my internship, I got several opportunities to meet and network with some of the best professionals/researchers in the computer science community. Microsoft has a very open culture where you might find yourself sitting next to the Vice President (VP) of a product group or a distinguished scientist. I also attended seminars of prominent Microsoft professionals, which gave me an insight into the work being done by diverse teams across the organization. In one such seminar, the VP of Skype explained how their product is touching lives of millions of people through feature such as Skype Translator, which provides real-time translation of voice. As part of my internship project, I interviewed several key people in the organization who regularly work with the CEO, Satya Nadella. Furthermore, we had several intern events where I met other PhD students from MIT, Stanford and several other top universities. All these opportunities made my stay at Microsoft an enriching experience.

How did being part of this community help you during your internships?