Where are you now, Shuangmiao Han?

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What do you do currently? 

I am currently a D.Phil (PhD) student reading education in the University of Oxford. My research investigates the role of policy experimentation in Chinese higher education reforms.


What did you
find particularly challenging on the way to your current position?

One thing I have always found challenging, and am still struggling with is self-discipline. Self-discipline is not simply getting things done, but a way of cultivation and character building.


In retrospect, would you do something different?

I wish I had more courage and tried more things. Aging is a fascinating yet intimidating process. It can bring you maturity and wisdom, but sometimes asks for courage in turn. You become less and less willing to try new things since you believe you have more to lose. However, the only things we are going to regret are the opportunities not seized, the risks not taken, and the chances to make mistakes.


Do you have any particular advice you’d like to share with the PF community? 

I encourage everyone to write more, write well and write clearly, with the last one in particular. I am a firm believer that ‘‘if you can’t write clearly, it means that you haven’t thought clearly.’ Writing is a very self-disciplined process that not only makes your minds sharper, but your thoughts clearer. I think PF provides a fantastic platform to encourage people to write and share their thoughts with some of the brightest minds in the world.