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The use of the Website and the services offered therein are governed by these Terms and Conditions and our Data Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. The Privacy Policy describes in particular which personal data we collect, how we process it, with whom we may share it, for how long we store it and which rights relating to the use of your data you may have. By registering and each time when making Submissions, you accept these Terms and Conditions and confirm you are familiar with and agree with our Privacy Policy.


Last updated on 26.02.2019


1. Project Firefly


Project Firefly (hereinafter also referred to as "we" or “our”) was formed by, comprises and is owned by Professor Simon Evenett and Daniel Garraty and is a unique opportunity for students and alumni (who graduated within the last five years) from universities around the world to get in contact with the world's leading employers and universities. Project Firefly creates opportunities for greater dialogue across generations and culture as well as to a wider range of employment opportunities to tomorrow's thought leaders around the world.



Students and alumni (who graduated within the last five years) (the "Contributors", "you" or “your”) from all over the world can submit submissions, articles, videos, audio, business plans, presentations and all other like forms of media communications (together called "Submissions") on certain specified themes through the website "Website"). These Submissions will then be forwarded to our Academic Review Board, which consists of leading professors from universities around the world. The respective members of the Academic Review Board, as well as their profile, can be viewed on the Website in the section "Academic Experts". The Academic Review Board then grades these Submissions (the "Academic Validation") and, based on the Academic Validation, we decide which Submissions will be published on the Website. The Academic Validation is based solely on merit.


Project Firefly is sponsored by some of the world's leading employers and universities (the "Corporate Sponsors" or “them”). The respective Corporate Sponsors, as well as their profile, can be viewed on the Website in the section "Sponsors". The interests of the Corporate Sponsors in supporting Project Firefly lie in both supporting the next generation of thought leaders and potentially finding hidden talent that can be recruited. Once the Submissions are published, the Corporate Sponsors will have, on an anonymous basis, access to limited Personal Data of and may also contact the Contributors (for more information on data protection please see section "Data Protection" below) through Project Firefly. In addition, Corporate Sponsors may, from time to time, also sponsors promotions which honor outstanding Submissions from Contributors. In the case of such a promotion is run, special competition rules apply which will be displayed accordingly and which have to be accepted by the Contributors in order to participate. Such competition rules take precedence over these Terms & Conditions.


Project Firefly is not only about meeting the world's leading employers but also about interaction between Corporate Sponsors, professionals and the Contributors. For example, Project Firefly aims to provide the Contributors the opportunity to interact with professional advisers on topics such as preparing for entrance exams, career advice and networking. Project Firefly is eager to give Contributors the opportunity to interact with other users of the Website, to share their experiences and views with people from different countries and to establish contacts all over the world.



All Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students as well as alumni who graduated within the last five years (as of December 31st) may participate as Contributors. Any company and university in any part of the world may apply for corporate sponsorship. However, it is in our absolute discretion to decide with whom we enter into an agreement and who is accepted as Corporate Sponsors. It is our aim to accept only companies as Corporate Sponsors which we consider as top tier employers in their respective countries.


2. Submission Process


Any Submission requires a personal account with Project Firefly. To create a personal account, the Contributors have to register on the Website. Once registered, the Contributors may upload Submissions and interact with others by using the Website at any time (Please note this access and associated process may vary in the case of competition entrants). Only Submissions in English will be processed and they should comply with the stipulated individual prevailing requirements.


Once a Submission has been uploaded to Project Firefly, it will undergo a formal review and will be checked for plagiarism. If the Submissions either do not meet the required formal quality (such as structure, language, relevance and originality) or are adjudged to be plagiarized, the Contributors will be accordingly informed that their Submissions will not be processed further.


Once the Submissions have passed the formal review stage and they have been adjudged not to be plagiarized, they will be submitted to the Academic Review Board on an anonymous basis. The Academic Review Board will then carry out and issue the Academic Validation. The Academic Validation lies within the absolute discretion of the Academic Review Board and is based solely on performance and criteria such as sophistication, presentation of multistep arguments and marshalling of evidence. If the Academic Review Board is of the opinion that any one of the Submissions is not worth publishing, then the respective Contributors will accordingly be informed and their Submissions will not be processed further.


Up to this point, the Submissions have not been published on the Website. If the Academic Review Board is of the opinion that any Submissions are worth publishing, we will publish them on the Website, in which event, they will be so published together with the names of the respective Contributors. The published Submissions are publicly accessible and can also be seen by persons not registered with Project Firefly. They will be published during a stipulated period of weeks.



Once the Submissions have been published, the profiles of the respective Contributors will be disclosed to the Corporate Sponsors, any one of which will be able to contact the respective Contributors for recruitment purposes and/or to invite that Contributor's attention to special recruiting events and the like through Project Firefly. Please refer to the section "Data Protection" to learn what data will be disclosed to Corporate Sponsors.



The Submissions that will not be published, either due to the lack of formal requirements, plagiarism or not passing the Academic Validation, will be kept by Project Firefly for a period of three years. After that period, they will be completely deleted.


3. Conditions of Use


The use of the Website and the services offered therein are governed by these Terms & Conditions. By registering and each time when making Submissions, the Contributors accept these Terms & Conditions and undertake to adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated therein. The Contributors acknowledge that it is in our sole discretion to decide whether Submissions will be published or not. There does not exist any entitlement of the Contributors to have their Submissions published. Additionally, the Contributors acknowledge that they are not entitled to have a specific member of the Academic Review Board review their Submissions. The decision as to which member(s) of the Academic Review Board carry out such review(s) is within our absolute discretion.


In the case of any Submissions not being published, the Contributors affected will be informed of the Academic Review Board's decision without being enabled or entitled to request any reasons therefor. Also, should any submissions be published, the reasons for the Academic Validation will not be disclosed to the respective Contributors and will lie within the sole intellectual property rights of Project Firefly.

The Contributors are not allowed to misuse the Website; in particular they are not allowed to post or make any Submissions which may infringe any intellectual property, privacy or any other rights of any third party or of Project Firefly.


In making Submissions, the Contributors declare that those Submissions are their own work, with all used sources being properly disclosed and that those Submissions are not plagiarized. We cannot and will not be held liable should any Submissions infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party. In that respect, the Contributors accept full liability for their Submissions and the contents therein. The Contributors undertake not to publish their Submissions in any other form without the explicit consent of Project Firefly. The Contributors, however, are allowed to submit their Submissions for a university assignment.


We reserve the right to remove any published Submissions from the Website if we are of the opinion that the Submissions or any part thereof infringe any third party rights or if we are of the opinion that any of the Submissions is plagiarized. In addition, if we are of the opinion that any of the Contributors is not complying with these Terms & Conditions, (in particular the conditions of use) we reserve the right to delete his/her/their personal account(s). The Contributors will have no right to compensation should any of the Submissions be removed from the Website or if his/her/their personal account(s) be deleted.


4. Intellectual Property


Project Firefly is the exclusive owner of all content of the Website, such as text, logos, images, graphics and the like. The content of the Website as well as the Project Firefly trademark is protected by Swiss and international intellectual property laws. All these intellectual property and other rights related to the Website are the sole and exclusive property of Project Firefly and, by using the Website and the services offered therein, the Contributors do not and will not acquire any rights nor any license in such intellectual property or other rights of Project Firefly.



As authors of their respective Submissions, the Contributors own all respective copyrights therein. By making their respective Submission to the Website, the Contributors declare and warrant that those Submissions have been written by themselves have not been plagiarised and that they do not infringe any intellectual property laws of any third party.


By making any one of those Submissions to the Website, the Contributors grant Project Firefly the exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide and royalty-free right to publish their Submissions on the Website without any consideration, payment or compensation. For the avoidance of doubt, Project Firefly does not have any obligation to publish any of the Submissions. In addition, the Contributors grant the Corporate Sponsors the non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide and royalty-free right additionally to publish the same, in whole or in part, in internal company magazines or newsletters without any consideration, payment or compensation.


If the Contributors are participating in a competition, the competition rules may provide for further rights of Project Firefly or the Corporate Sponsor which runs the competition.


If Project Firefly decide that any of the Submissions shall be published, the Contributors grant Project Firefly the right to modify the header and the footer of the respective Submissions. However, Project Firefly will neither change their content nor make any material changes to the structure of the Submission.


Project Firefly is independent of the “HOLT Valuation Challenge” operated and controlled by Credit Suisse. However, Project Firefly is provided with all the information and personal data submitted by the user to Credit Suisse while participating in the HOLT Valuation Challenge. Relating to this information and personal data, Project Firefly was granted a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide and royalty-free right to use and publish the same.


The Contributors indemnify and hold Project Firefly harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from the infringement of any intellectual property or other rights of any third party by the Contributors’ Submissions.


For more information on your data please see Project Firefly`s Privacy Policy.



5. Liability


Any liability of Project Firefly for damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages, resulting from the use of the Website, its content and/or the services provided therein is hereby expressly excluded, unless such damages result from the gross negligence or the wilful misconduct of Project Firefly. In addition, Project Firefly does not and will not accept any responsibility for any acts of the Corporate Sponsors and all Contributors acknowledge and agree that when they are directly interacting with the Corporate Sponsors, Project Firefly is not a party to that relationship and therefore has no obligations towards the Contributors.


6. Applicable Law and Venue


The relationship between Project Firefly and the Contributors as well as these Terms & Conditions are exclusively governed by the substantive laws of Switzerland.


All disputes arising out of the use of the Website or of these Terms & Conditions shall be exclusively settled by the courts of St. Gallen, Switzerland.


7. Changes to these Terms & Conditions


Project Firefly may change these Terms & Conditions from time to time. We recommend that you regularly check these Terms & Conditions when you access your personal account. Your continued use of the Website and its services indicates your agreement with the unchanged and changed Terms & Conditions.