Prof. Simon Evenett

Simon Evenett -- University of St. Gallen
Simon Evenett
University of St. Gallen

Simon J. Evenett is Academic Director of the MBA programmes at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he is Professor of International Trade and Economic Development in the Department of Economics. He is also Programme Director of the most established group of international trade economists in Europe, namely, the International Trade and Regional Economics Programme of the Centre of Economic Policy Research. Professor Evenett is an expert in the commercial policy and strategies of the USA, EU, and the rising economic powers, such as China. He has published over 125 journal articles, book chapters, and books and is a frequent public lecturer, including speaking to corporate executives about international business strategy. Professor Evenett coordinates the worldwide protectionist monitoring service, Global Trade Alert, which has received considerable attention in the press and in policy circles.

Simon J. Evenett obtained his bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Cambridge and his doctoral degree (again in economics) from Yale University. Previously he has taught at Oxford University and for ten years held fellowships on economic policy at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC. He was also Director of Economic Research, World Trade Institute, and has twice served as a World Bank official.