Project Firefly's goal is to manage the balance between showcasing the skills of our members while protecting their privacy.  Our new website allows us greater flexibility in achieiving this:

For our members who have created a full Profile, you will be able to showcase the following info in your profile.


  • Basic Info

First Name, Last Name, Country of Residence, Photo, Short Bio

  • Education

Current Student, Years of higher education, Most recent degree including current studies, University, Subject, Graduation Year, Desired other Qualification, Subject Area

Other Advanced Certificates, Qualification


  • Career History and Career Ambitions

Current Employer, Career Start date, Career end date, Industry, Finance, Functional Area, Role


  • Career Ambitions

Extra Curricular Activities, Student Organization Memberships


Please note that some of these data requests are mandatory and others are optional for a full profile. If you wish to compete on Project Firefly you are required to complete a full Profile