We recognize that top young talent can be found in any university and talent will have been shaped and refined by universities and their faculty. This success may be achieved across the university or in a specific school, institute or field. Project Firefly is commited to highlight forward thinking universities on a global stage; showcasing the success of their students, their academic enterprise and their thought leadership. 

Project Firefly partners with universities to support a shared vision; the development of a level playing field for students from which leading organisations can select top young talent.

We provide students and recent graduates the platform to submit work for review by world renowned professors and gain unique global recognition.

We are continuosly looking for innovative universities to feature on our website as associated partners. As well as being free, the benefits include:

Tailored Marketing to students

Build a relationship with our marketing department to support focused marketing of our competitions to your students.

Grow your Brand

Project Firefly creates long term meaningful relationships with its members including objective career services advice. Increase the reach of your university brand to students globally.

Exclusive features of your university on the Project Firefly website, e.g. a thought leadership piece about your university, school, institute, field or university participant.  

Integrate your university activities into the Project Firefly newsfeed: reporting on interesting activities taking place within your university.

Network Development

Build your university network with leading companies around the world.

If you are interested in providing your students with innovative ways to distinguish themselves and broadcast your university’s brand, please contact us at info@project-firefly.com